Molly Urban

How to care for your jewelry?

Wipe Your Pieces After Wearing
Use a microfiber cloth or a damp cotton ball to remove any body oils and soil. You can also use a jewelry cloth to wipe down gold-plated jewelry after each use. Before storing it again, allow it to air-dry.

Mix a Cleaning Solution
If your jewelry feels sticky or has visible soil on it, it should be cleaned with a soap and warm water solution. Use a small bowl to mix two to three drops of dishwashing liquid with one cup of water.

Soak Your Jewelry
If your jewelry is free of embellishments such as pearls, gemstones, or enamel, you can place it directly in the cleaning solution and soak them for about 10 minutes. To prevent scratching, clean only one or two pieces at a time.

Tackle Embedded Soil
If you have jewelry that is intricately carved, use a cotton swab to remove soil from small crevices. Keep in mind though, to never use sharp tools such as a knife or paper clip to remove any dirt, as this may scratch and chip away the gold plating.

Rinse, Dry and Buff
When you've thoroughly cleaned your gold-plated jewelry, rinse it with warm water. Then, dry it using a soft, lint-free cloth and gently buff to return its shine.

Extending the life of your gold plated jewelry by following the suggestions below, you'll significantly extend the life of your gold-plated jewelry:

  • Always wash and dry your hands before putting on and taking off any gold-plated jewelry.
  • Before putting on gold plated earrings, make sure that you've applied your perfume first.
  • Apply lotion and makeup first before wearing your favorite plated jewelry.
  • Remove your plated rings or bracelets first before chopping tomatoes or other acidic food items.
  • Avoid rubbing plated necklaces and bracelets against each other and avoid plated rings from rubbing into countertops.
  • Prevent rubbing your car keys against your plated jewelry when reaching for them inside your purse or pocket.
  • Remove your plated rings and bracelets before changing your baby's nappies.
  • Remove all plated jewelry before going for a swim.
  • Remove all plated jewelry if you'll be participating in activities where you may sweat profusely.
  • When cleaning your plated jewelry, be sure to take care and be gentle with it — rubbing may have negative effects.
  • Store all your plated jewelry in a soft cloth or pouch separately from all other jewelry.

Nowadays, having gold plated jewelry doesn't mean that you can't afford full gold jewelry. They've become so popular with fashionistas because not only are they practical and affordable but also because they're available in so many styles and designs to match your outfits. However, because they have a thin layer of gold, they demand more care than other pieces of jewelry.

To help them keep their luster, always follow the instructions outlined here, and they'll be shining bright for years to come.